"Frost Quake" would be an awesome name for a rock band, or a children's ice cream treat. Or like another crazy phenomenon that could only happen in 2020.

Turns out frost quakes are neither of those things, they are a weather-related phenomenon that happens when water underground freezes. A frost quake recently happened in Wisconsin which is what sent me down this rabbit hole.

Other names for this are Cryoseisms or icequakes.

A cryoseism, ice quake or frost quake, may also refer to a seismic event caused by a sudden cracking action in frozen soil or rock saturated with water or ice, or by stresses generated at frozen lakes.

The recent one in Wisconsin happened in Muskego, a town in the southeast corner of the state. Booms from the quake were heard in Waukesha, Big Bend, Wind Lake, and Vernon. Luckily no damage was reported and no one was hurt.

With the snow, melt, snow, warm up, and then sudden cold we've had fall and early winter we kinda have the perfect conditions for one of these in Minnesota. We also have plenty of frozen lakes. If you hear a big boom this winter, you now at least have a slight idea as to what it could be.

The more you know. Stay warm!

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