A former Bachelor star is not too impressed with Joe Graziadei on The Bachelor this season, but I think maybe Joey might be a little 'Minnesota Nice.!” And if that's the case, maybe he and Daisy ARE going to be the final couple!

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall said, “No One's been sent home outside of a Rose Ceremony. There's been no traumatic exit. Joey hasn't sent anyone home outside of the format of the show.”


He said that Joey is too much of a “people pleaser,” and “It comes across as super nice. It very much does, but it's less authentic,” Nick said.

So far, there are still three girls left in the running for Joey's heart. Rachel, Kelsey, and our very own Minnesota girl, Daisy.

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I think our Daisy is falling for Joey, and last week she really tried to prove it to him, by planting a big kiss on him before they started their adventure; and she really opened up to him.

I worry though that Kelsey seems like the one that wants Joey more than life itself. Rachel? Well, unfortunately, they didn't have such a great date, spending most of it in the emergency room after she hurt herself jumping in the water.

Nick can say what he wants. I think It's great that Joey is being kind and I think his heart really might be torn! 

You can catch more of The Bachelor tonight, Monday, March 18th at 7 pm on ABC.

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