Over the past month, people all over the world have been watching a live video feed of April, a 15 year old giraffe at Animal Adventure Park who could give birth "at any moment". But now, a pregnant woman with a giraffe mask is taking the spotlight.

Baby Giraffe Born In Himeji Central Park
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Just like April, Erin Dietrich is expecting her fourth child. And since Erin is a huge fan of April - Erin decided it would be fun to play a spoof off the internet craze. Millions of people are now tuned in to Erin, who is 39 weeks pregnant, with a giraffe mask. Come to find out, the giraffe mask was all Erin's husband's idea.

You can see in the video Erin, walking around her bedroom, waiting for the big moment. She is occasionally sitting in a chair, doing some squats, all while wearing a silly giraffe mask and a nice pearl necklace. So, who's more interesting? Erin or April?


Of course, we cannot COMPLETELY forget about April. I mean, we've all invested so much time in watching her! So, here's April's live stream from Animal Adventure Park.

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