It feels like this cold snap is never going to end. Every single day starts to feel the same when the windchill is constantly below zero. Did a week pass or a day? I ca't tell anymore.

Like a beacon of light calling me into the coast from this frozen sea of misery, Minnesota meteorologist Sven Sundgaard shared some great news on Twitter:

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He did make a point to mention that it is "mere entertainment value", and forecasts can change at the drop of a hat around these parts.

But I'm going to choose to believe that by the end of the month we will be seeing daytime highs in the 40s again. Heck based on this model, the southwest corner of the state is flirting with 60!

At this point, I'm not going to hold my breath for warm weather, but I will for warmer weather. Give me a daytime temp in the teens at least. Anything but this bitter cold that takes your breath away when you step out the door and freezes your face solid. It's been so cold that my garage freezer has had to kick on its heating component to keep the freezer products at the correct termp. The garage fridge is no different. I poured an iced coffee from there the other day and as I poured the liquid turned into slush.

Long story short, this cold snap can end anytime now. Bring on those predicted spring-like temperatures.

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