FOLEY -- Even though spring prep sports have come to a halt due to COVID-19, many schools around Minnesota and the country are keeping the field lights lit.

#BeTheLight, a movement that began in Texas, encourages schools around the country to light up their athletic fields once or several times per week as a show of solidarity to their students during the pandemic.

Dean Dahman, Activities Director for Foley Public Schools says roughly 90 schools around Minnesota are participating.

"Some schools are doing it on Monday, and some schools are doing it Friday," Dahman said. "Some schools are doing every night of the week. So, it kind of varies, but the idea is still the same."

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Foley will light up their athletic field each Friday night through the rest of the school year beginning at 9:00 p.m. The lights will run for 20 minutes as an homage to Foley's Class of 2020, said Dahman.

Dean Dahman
Dean Dahman

"It's a way to honor the seniors," said Dahman. "The administration is behind it. It's beacon of hope for our community, and a way for us to do our small part."

Dahman says the cancellation of spring sports and activities has been surreal for him not only as an activities director, but as a father.

"I have three boys in school, two of which would be playing baseball right now," he said. "So that's been hard. They understand the situation, but it's just hard to grasp the fact that they might not be playing baseball all summer."

Dahman says individuals or families who want to drop by and see the lights are asked to stay in their cars in order to adhere to proper social distancing mandates.

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