Sun Country Airlines promotional emails can feel a bit torturous at times. You go to check your inbox and see an email for a trip to a fun place, but you're stuck behind a desk. At least they provide a good opportunity to daydream.

Sun Country's latest offer includes $49 one-way flights to Cincinnati, Ohio when you fly there from October 14th - November 14th. A quick Google search of the town shows a rich history and lots of stuff to see and do. From a zoo and botanical garden to a museum with over 6,000 years of stuff on display. It might just be the affordable getaway you've been looking for.

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More of a tropical vacationer? Sun Country also has special offers right now for Jacksonville, Florida, and Sarasota, Florida so you can soak up the sun. One-way flights there are starting at $69. Not bad for a beach getaway right as the weather is starting to turn in October and November.

Another dreamy vacation idea for you is the Northeast corner of the country. Sun Country has special offers for Boston and New York when you travel between September and November. Only $79 one way seems like a screaming deal to experience the changing of colors in that part of the country.

As you're stuck behind your desk this week, you might as well at least plan out one of these trips on Pinterest. If you can dream it, you can vacation it.

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