When the news first broke last fall that 'Family Guy' creator Seth McFarlane was working on a new version of the 'Flintstones', I was ecstatic. McFarlane is so creative I was really looking forward to seeing his take on the classic cartoon. Now the new project has been given the ax before it really began.

20th Century Fox fought tooth and nail for two years with Warner Bros. to obtain the rights to the 'Flintstones', and after much negotiations, succeeded. The show was supposed to premiere in 2013 on Fox, now that is no longer the case. The president of the network, Kevin Reilly, got a look at the pilot script and his final decision was that he "liked it but didn't love it".

Reilly gave McFarlane the option to start over and try again, but he opted to put the whole project on hold for now. The 38 year old creative mind has a full plate as it is. Not only is 'Family Guy' his creation, but 'American Dad', and 'The Cleveland Show' (all of which are animated shows on Fox) are his as well. He also has an upcoming science show 'Cosmos' and his first movie 'Ted', which he wrote and directed, is about to be released.

OK, I get it. He is so accomplished I'm sure it was a bit of a blow to the ego to be told the script he and his team worked hard on wasn't great. I wish he would have given it one more go before completely giving up on it. I think a lot of people were really looking forward to seeing the 'Flintstones' revamped Seth McFarlane style. Let's cross our fingers he changes his mind.

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