Ever since I was about 10 years old, I've loved singing. I begged my parents for a piano for years. They got me a little tiny organ, then finally when I was 13, they bought a really old, standup piano for $100. I played it so much they had to move it into my bedroom as I just couldn't stop playing. Now I get to play music all morning on 98.1 Minnesota's New Country with my Co-Host Pete Hanson, and sing and play piano most weekends at nearby locations.


Kelly Cordes & Barney's Bullet

I was looking through my parent's photo albums the other day and found this old photo from my first band in Kentucky.  Kelly Cordes & Barney's Bullet Band was a four-piece band that eventually morphed into the Kelly Cordes band with around 7 members, with big harmonies, big hair, and original music which landed us a record deal in 1998 with Producer Norro Wilson in Nashville.

People ask all the time where the name Barney's Bullet came from. All of my bandmates were from Kentucky...I was from Minnesota and they thought it would be cool to be called Barney's Bullet. If you ever watched the Andy Griffith Show, you'll get the connection. Barney was Andy's deputy on the show and he always carried just one bullet, because that's all you really need.

Although our album "When Love Comes Knockin" had a number one hit on with a song called "We'll Take It One Day At A Time" and a few others that landed in the top 10, including Blue Jeans Fading, it was shortlived. Long shows, late nights, and smoke-filled stages took their toll on me and I ended up with a vocal chord injury that completely took me out of singing. I wasn't able to get my full voice back for many, many years.

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Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes

I don't regret my musical journey. I had two more beautiful sons that I probably would never have a chance to meet, had my deal not fallen through. Now, my voice is back, and I enjoy playing with POWER CORDES with my Nephew Brody, sometimes my sons Drew and Mason. I perform as a solo artist as well and have had a great opportunity to perform with many local artists around the area.


If you aren't the type to head out to enjoy live music, you can also find me on Spotify.  My album, When Love Comes Knockin'  Kelly Cordes,  made charts on (back when streaming was just starting) with Blue Jean's Fading, We'll Take It One Day At A Time hitting number one, and others. You can also find all of them on Youtube.


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