It's being described as a 'perfect storm' of weather conditions.  Thousands of fish in Lake Traverse near Wheaton, Minnesota, are dying and washing up on shore.

According to an article from KARE11, the fish have been killed by Gas Bubble Disease. The disease is caused naturally by the unusual weather conditions we've had this year. There has been just a simple thin coating of ice, hardly any snow cover, and lots of sunshine, causing algae to grow very quickly in the lake.

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A video of a man walking along the shore shows the dead fish while he names what type they are as he strolls by. Crappies, Blue Gill, Catfish, Drum fish, White Bass, Small Mouth Bass and even Walleye.

Chris Domeier, DNR Area Fisheries Supervisor said, "This is a weird deal. A perfect storm."

The DNR has submitted fish samples to determine what's happening and confirm that it's gas bubble disease. He also said that although it is an unfortunate event, it should not affect fishing for the summer on the lake and that this is something that occurs naturally.

Eagles on Long Island
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Although it seems like a tragedy for the lake species, those who take to the skies are finding themselves in the midst of a feast.

It's unusual to see a photo with more than a couple Bald Eagles in it; but this photo that was taken by Carol Bauer, a local resident, shows dozens of birds gathering in the trees near the feast. It's an amazing photo! The birds seem to be in no hurry to devour what's washing up on shore, as there is plenty to go around.

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