What inspires you? What makes you stay awake at night? Are their things you want to do but don't know how to get started? Or have you begun to live your dreams and want to share them with the world?

Inspiremestudios.com wants to help you do just that...share your successes...your dreams...your how to's to inspire others to get going.

inspiremestudios.com is looking for your story of inspiration. As a matter of fact, so am  I. This year I want to interview inspiring people; whether your a singer, a business owner, a fitness guru; whatever your unique talents and inspirations are; let's talk! Let's get the word out!

Contact me at kelly@wjon.com or inspiremestudios.com and start your adventure today. There's also all kinds of awesome Inspire Me products to motivate! T- shirts...bracelets...kitchen towels...cups...you name it...they have it.

I'll be interviewing the Founder today on WJON at 11:15 am. Join me for some inspiration from Stacey Marie! Listen live this morning at www.wjon.com.

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