As a...beefy?, the thought of being nervous (or worse) about walking out to my car just doesn't connect with me. I don't mean that I'm some badass self-defense master or anything, but big bearded bald guys tend to be left alone.

A weekend conversation led to the revelation that a friend was terrified of walking to her car at night...from her workplace.

It's disheartening. Whereas I don't think twice about it, it causes her massive stress.

It reminded me of a recent episode of Rachael Ray (don't judge me!) when she spoke with a former CIA agent about what to do if you feel like you're being followed.


1. Take a Turn
Turning forces someone who's following you to turn as well, and gives you an opportunity to out them. A few turns can confirm suspicions. Just don't get lost!


2. Go Parallel
Plan out a Surveillance Detection Route (SDR). Essentially, you simply cross back and forth over your usual route. If the car is still behind you, it's a safe bet that they're tailing you.

3. Do a 180
Taking a 180-degree turn can allow you to see the vehicle (or even person) that's following you.

4. Stop
A coffee shop or a grocery store can provide a great public place to see if you're being followed. If you are, call the police.


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