Whaaaaat? A recent federal program suggests setting our air conditioning no lower than 78° when were at home, and 82° when we're sleeping. (No thank you!)

I actually like my windows open during the day, even when it's hot & humid (much to my dog's dismay), but I cherish cool, comfortable sleep -- setting my thermostat at 70° during the night, and I could happily go lower.

Energy Star and the U.S. Department if Energy say that we shouldn't set our thermostats lower than 78° when were home. They recommend using fans, but remind us that fans cool people, not rooms.


We have no A/C at the cabin west of Duluth, and yes it gets hot and humid -- but we can go jump in the lake whenever we want.

Sorry DOE, but those are not numbers I can go along with. #HotMinnesotan (You can take that hashtag however you want.) 😆

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