Black Dog Syndrome, otherwise known as "BIG BLACK DOG" syndrome is a real thing. It's sad that dogs as well as black cats are quite often passed over at shelters for lighter colored animals when adopting.


Bullet is a beautiful sweet black dog that is 2 years old and is a mix of retriever, lab and shepherd and is waiting for a home at The Tri County Humane Society. Bullet is very treat motivated and takes treats gently. Bullet loves positive motivation and treats, however; he does need training and love and is a good candidate for being a very good trainable dog. He's got lots of energy and it's unknown if he's ever been around kids or dogs.


Black cats have the added stigma that comes with people being superstitious about them, and some US cities actually prohibit the adoption of black cats during Halloween as they are afraid people will hurt them, use them as holiday props and at the very worst, use them for witchcraft and sacrifice.



Beautiful little Stella Luna is a 9 year old female black cat that is very loving; likes other dogs and cats, and doesn't meow very much. She was brought to the Tri County Humane Society because her owner could no longer take care of her.


So I'm here to tell you; I have a big black lovable dog. I've had several big black sweet dogs in my life. I've had all color dogs; I've had all color of cats. I've never had bad luck because of a pet's color.

This month being Black Dog & Black Cat Syndrome Month, I encourage you to consider adopting a black dog or cat. They are so beautiful; and knowing that they get passed over, hopefully will help you; as one of the few people who understand they they are overlooked, change those numbers by changing peoples minds and making them aware of the phenomenon.


There are great pets waiting for you at Tri County Humane Society. You can see pictures of some beautiful animals by clicking here now.  If you adopt this month, please let us know so that we can post a picture.

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