Kentucky Fried Chicken teased this past summer that they were adding chicken and waffle combinations to their menu before the end of the year, and they followed through on it! Starting November 12th, KFC Chicken and Waffles are available nationwide.

They are available in two different forms. The first being just the classic combo of chicken and waffles,

KFC’s new Chicken and Waffles combines the Colonel's finger lickin' good chicken with a scrumptious waffle and wraps them in the sweet embrace of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup.


Option number two is a chicken and waffle sandwich, which is a little more friendly for people on-the-go.

We tuck one of our Extra Crispy™ fried chicken filets into a pair of scrumptious waffles drizzled with our signature Hot Honey sauce.

Both meals are about the same price, $5.99 for the sandwich and $5.49 for the meal, putting ti right on par with most fast food in the area. Try it while you can! This new combo will only be on menu's through the end of the year.

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