I can't imagine THIS happening to my home. Everything you have accumulated over the years is gone in less than a few seconds, and there's nothing you can do about it. Not only do you lose all of the items and the home itself, but sometimes, it's more than a monetary loss; it's the loss of life of family, including those of the furry kind.

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That's exactly what happened to a couple from Alaska. They thought they lost everything when their home washed away due to flooding in Alaska, but probably the most heartbreaking loss was that of Leo; their black and white kitty cat.

WHAS 11/Youtube
WHAS 11/Youtube


For days, the couple would go back to the site where their home used to stand; calling for Leo to no avail. Day after day after day, they would bring food, and call his name but there were no signs of Leo anywhere.

WHAS 11/Youtube
WHAS 11/Youtube


Amazingly, 26 days later, Leo appeared! Leo was skinny, but other than that, he was apparently unscathed in the incident.

I wonder if Leo was not in the house when the collapse happened.  He was a fearless kitty cat, who had no fear of bears, so the couple was hopeful that if any animal could survive this tragedy, they were hoping it would be Leo; and indeed it WAS.

The family, now happily reunited with Leo, is looking for their new home; so Leo is staying with friends while they find a new place to relocate to. I sure hope he doesn't try to escape to find his parents while they are looking for a new place to live. You can watch the video about the story below.



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