Julie Bohmer-Author
Julie Bohmer-Author


A local Saint Cloud State University alumni and local children's book author, will be at Barne's & Noble on Saturday, February 17th, 2024.

Julie Bohmer will be doing a free reading of her latest children's book, "The Strange Thing Forest."

The event will be taking place from 11 am until Noon, and you will be available to meet the author. The book will be available in store, but if you can't make it to the event, you can also purchase the book through Amazon. You can learn more about the author by going to her website, where you can find her new book and a list of other children's books, including 'Ten Little Pumpkins Hide And Seek," and  "Santa's Reindeer Hide And Seek."

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Julie Bohmer-Author
Julie Bohmer-Author


Julie Bohmer has this to say about her new book, 'The Strange Thing Forest:'

'The Strange Thing Forest was inspired by my second grader's homework.  When he brought home a drawing of a forest with a sentence describing the forest as "terrifying and smelling like dead fish," I thought, "that's strange."  When he asked for a bedtime story that evening, the idea of a forest where strange things happen popped into my head.  Since it was bedtime, I embraced kid-friendly "strange" with a comforting ending.  What started as an impromptu creation of the imagination evolved into a story book when my kindergartner declared, "I love it."  I figured if my own children love the story, perhaps other children will love it as well.  Wishing young readers joy in reading The Strange Thing Forest.' ~Julie

If you want to see how well children respond to Julie's book, watch the video below of this young man enjoying another one of Julie's books.

Julie Bohmer/Author/ Youtube

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