A couple years ago, I visited my ex Mother In Law and other close relatives on my way to Kentucky. My Mother In Law was a very talented musician with a beautiful voice. She played guitar, piano, and sang lead and harmony vocals her whole life. It's how my ex learned how to play guitar and sing.

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Nannie was suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, and didn't remember me or her Grandsons when we visited. It was heartbreaking in a way...but....my Sister In Law dug out a piano that she and my Niece Lisa had bought her. I played her a few gospel songs..Amazing Grace and The Old Rugged Cross were a couple of them. Amazingly..she closed her eyes and sang along! In harmony! She could remember every word. It was very touching and good to see her so calm and happy. I DID get to record the songs and send them to her before she passed away in November of 2018.








When I was playing music in Kentucky, Kent was just a kid playing in his Dad's band, Uncle Elijah.  They were a 3 piece band, and Kent's guitarist Darrel Ford, later became my bass player in The Kelly Cordes Band.

We hadn't spoke for years, but when I met up with Darrel Ford and his wife Carol, I asked what ever happened to that talented drummer Kent?  was told that after moving to Nashville, he originally got a gig playing for Martina McBride, and when that was over, he started playing with the up and coming Luke Bryan...and he's been with him ever since.


I reached out to Kent on Facebook, just to see if he remembered me and to congratulate him on his success. He did remember me, and told me if I ever needed some studio tracks to let him know.

Little did I know that when I said, YES! Maybe you could play on some gospel songs I want to send to Nannie May; that I was going to get the whole kitten caboodle!  Having Kent play on these songs was incredibly special; but for him to ask the other members of Luke's band to play as well; I was astonished!

If you click on the title above, you can see Luke introducing these amazing players. I know those aren't the names that you see in the headlines when you hear about Luke Bryan; but there ARE the band behind him; and by a twist of fate, I had an opportunity of a lifetime present itself; and this time; I wasn't about to miss the boat!

I've already told you about Kent. He's an amazing player and orchestrated the whole project.

James ('Cap'n Cook' ) Cook, Luke's Bassist, has his own studio, and from what I understand, when they aren't touring, does a lot of work in the studio.  I know that James is multi talented, and I believe he played guitar, bass, AND keys on my gospel project. PLUS.... he produced the whole thing! WOW!!

I wrote to James to thank him for playing and asked he played ALL of those instruments....and that's when he told me that Dave Ristrim played steel guitar. I was just blown away. There's nothin' like a great steel to bring the gospel home.


I'm just so thankful to have had this opportunity. I'm not sure I know how to show my appreciation any other way than by sharing the final tracks with everyone. I hope you listen closely for all the detailed parts of the songs. I still have chills.


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