I wish I would have known about this company about a week ago when I was looking for a gift for my wife. I ultimately did find her something for Christmas, but knowing about this Central Minnesota-based company that offers sauna rentals I think she would have preferred that over what she got. Rugged Wellness out of Avon rents out its saunas by the night and this is the PERFECT time of year for some sauna time.

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Rugged Wellness is owned by Luke and Laura and they offer up mobile sauna rental for up to 6 people per night. Your rental includes two bundles of wood to get your sauna up to temp, along with a water bucket and ladle to create some steam.

If you are thinking about renting with Rugged Wellness you'll need a nice flat place for the mobile sauna unit to sit, and you might think about some add-ons if you are looking for a full sauna experience, like the cold water tub emersion which began in Turkey. 

According to Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Saunas; "The Sauna was invented by the Finns over 2000 years ago. The Saunas were originally designed and used as a form of bath. The sauna was a place to cleanse the body and was considered a sterile environment."

For years my wife has tried to convince me into buying/installing a sauna in our home. She, being of Finnish heritage, lauds the health impacts of regular sauna use. Unfortunately, her health pitch to me often falls on deaf ears, but I would be open to renting one for a night or two for a treat, and seeing just how enjoyable they are outside of the ones I've used in a health club.

If you are looking for more information on Rugged Wellness you can head here. 

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