I honestly can't believe this beautiful piece of property hasn't been snagged up by someone yet, other than the bad rap it gets for being a haunted location. Even with that, there are plenty of people who love the paranormal, and this building doesn't have a negative history. I want to write the story that everyone else seems to be missing! For $120,000, someone out there should be able to turn this property into something incredible!

Let's take away the spooky music, dark evening tours, and suggestions of paranormal activity. This building was built back in 1905, and it is in a beautiful location with a great view of Pokegama Lake. The story isn't of people being mistreated; The sanatorium was created in this peaceful location to provide people with tuberculosis a place to heal, with quiet, healthy foods, and a beautiful environment. Yes...many people died, but it wasn't because of being mistreated.


This location 10025 Pokegama Lake Road Drive, Pine City is a 72-acre site, that has the historic brick building that used to be the Pokegama Sanatorium. Although the building has no actual bathrooms, bedrooms, or a heat source, there is plumbing, and offers access to a community well and city sewer.


The building has been for sale for quite some time. At this point, the property has not been inspected for safety, so you'll have to enter at your own risk. This property has 12,702 square feet, and you are invited to use your imagination on how wonderful this place could be! The total lot size is 31,363 square feet.

See more pictures and the listing by clicking HERE now.

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