ST. CLOUD -- The future of driving was on display in St. Cloud this weekend.

Recharge Minnesota hosted the Recharge St. Cloud Electric Vehicle Expo at River’s Edge Convention Center on Saturday. Visitors could learn about renewable energy and zero-emissions vehicles from enthusiasts and local dealers as well as take a test drive.

Terry Fedoryshyn drove all the way from Isanti for the expo. He says he currently owns a Prius hybrid and is interested in getting a fully electric vehicle in the near future.

As soon as the prices come down, and as they are coming down, that's why I'm looking.

Fedoryshyn says he would like to see energy companies join the conversation around charging options for car owners.

Perhaps some of the cars that are having the long-term batteries they can connect to the grid, and maybe the power can go back and forth. So, the electric companies would make use of my battery power and go back and forth in that direction.

At the show, people could learn about models of all shapes and sizes ranging from compact cars to full-size sedans and SUVs.

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Tom Skahen started Opus Motorcar Company with his dad Sean in St. Joseph back in 2020. He says their cars are designed with a specific market in mind.

What we really want to do is make an efficient, affordable, alternative commuter. Something that's a step up from a bike, but a step below a full-size car. It's not going to go on the interstate, but it's going to be very affordable - three cents per mile at current prices.

The Opus currently gets about 35 miles per charge and tops out around 35 miles per hour. Meanwhile, other companies like Polestar, Tesla, Volkswagen, Chevy, Ford, and Subaru have been designing vehicles that can go further, faster, and longer.

Interest in electric vehicles is on the rise due to improving technology and increased costs of gas and gas-powered vehicles. On the other hand, people looking to order EVs can sometimes face long wait times due to continued supply chain issues and various shortages.

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