Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me today. He says those planning on doing some duck hunting should do some more scouting because there is more shoreline this year due to the drought.

Glen says his normal duck hunting location is filled in with cat tails and lily pads and it may be tough to get a boat into your usual spot. He says the shoreline that is there is mucky and wouldn't be fun to navigate. Glen says duck will likely congregate to similar locations because the drought has caused many of these temporary wetlands to be not useable.  He says all of this could change quickly if we get a decent amount of rain in August.

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Glen says pan fishing is still a good idea right now.  He says the bite has been good locally and he's had success on the chain of lakes in the Cold Spring/Richmond area.  Schmitt says catching walleye is still something you can do but walleye fishing can be tougher than pan fishing right now.

Glen says the drought hasn't limited the amount of people choosing to fish.  He does says launching boats can be more of a challenge and those on the lake need to be aware of locations with low water levels.

Glen puts together a state lake map weekly highlighting lakes in the state with invasive species.  He says there are so many lakes this something. Glen says zebra mussels are the most difficult to manage.

Glen Schmitt joins me every Thursday at 8:40 a.m. on WJON (Am 1240/95.3 FM).  Listen to this week's conversation below.



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