I was relaxing on Carolina Beach when I saw that a new Doctor had finally been cast. I immediately ran into the Ocean to tell my stepdaughter, and we both proceeded to fanboy/fangirl so hard that we missed a pod of dolphins swimming ten feet away from us.

That's how big of a deal this is to die hard fans of The Doctor.

The official trailer for Series 11 of Doctor Who was released to the world yesterday (7/19/18), and the PC Police were out in full force. Not the usual Social Justice Warriors, but the folks who declare any kind of change to only be motivated by politically-correctness.

Take, for example, The 13th Doctor, who will be played by Jodie Whittaker. Her companions will be played by a black man, a white man, and a woman whose character name doesn't sound white at all (Yasmin Khan, btw).

BBC America's "Doctor Who" At Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018

L-R: Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) and The 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker)(Getty Images for BBC America)

Here's the trailer:

Everything's changing for The Doctor, including a new Sonic Screwdriver:

I'm an unapologetic Whovian. I'm a little late to the party, as I only became a Whovian a few years ago. I remember watching the show as a kid, when reruns were featuring the iconic 4th Doctor Tom Baker.


Well, the PC Projectors (my term) have declared that Whittaker was only hired to be the 13th Doctor because she's a woman. These people are mad because a character that's a time-traveling alien with two hearts from outer space is - for the first time in the series' history - now played by a woman.

For real. Check out the comments in the Facebook post above.

Not liking an actor/actress because of the way they portray a character is one thing, but not liking a character because it's not being played by a woman is ridiculous. To me this isn't a #MeToo thing, or even a sexism thing.

It's trolls with nothing better to do hating on change. Even more so, hating on the change of an alien TV character that's changed many times before (Whittaker is actually the fourteenth actor to play The Doctor; John Hurt played The War Doctor, who was a controlled-regeneration of the Eighth Doctor specifically regenerated to fight in The Time War. Are you keeping up?).


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