Man's Best Friend once again proves why they deserve the title.

Midnight, the 4-year-old black Lab mix, came to the rescue of an 87-year-old neighbor last week in Alexandria. The dog's owner Tim Curfman was taking out the garbage last Monday, when Midnight sensed something was wrong. Curfman followed his pet to the other side of the house where they found their elderly neighbor, Noreen, laying in the snow.


Noreen had fallen while trying to fill her bird feeders, and they figured she had been out there for about a half hour. Her gloves had gotten wet, and she didn't have the strength in her arms to push off the ground. At the time it was one below zero, and frost bite can set in quick.

Curfman got his neighbor up and into the house where his wife helped get Noreen into some warmer clothes. The dog helped save her neighbor in the nick of time, and Noreen avoided frostbite and serious injuries. Midnight's owners said she was rewarded with lots of treats for helping save the day!

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