I don't think I've ever taken a good photo at the Department of Motor Vehicles...maybe that's just how my face is. But, I would seriously pay some extra money to take a better photo, or at least pick the best of the worst. I mean, that one photo is used on your ID for years.

According to ABC 7 California has a new bill that would allow a driver to take up to three pictures and select their favorite of the three to be used on their ID. Seriously?! No fair!

The story also mentions that Khloe Kardashian brought a beauty lighting team with her to the DMV to make sure she got a good picture. I don't have that kind of cash, but I would pay a little extra to get a better photo.

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The department would enact a voluntary donation system of up to $5. The extra revenue would fund other drivers training programs and public education.

Seriously, for the cost of a morning coffee, you could get a better photo on your ID...sign me up, I'm not scared.

The bill hasn't been voted on yet, but if it gets passed, this would be a new option for Californians in 2022. Come on, Minnesota, let's do this!

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