I saw a headline recently that made me nervous about my drivers license. Apparently it is illegal to smile in your license picture in certain states! Who knew?! In Nevada, Virginia, Arkansas, and Indiana, you are not allowed to show your pearly whites in your ID photo. Smiles can disrupt or 'fool the software' and people are asked to have a 'neutral expression' on their face. If you think about it, a smile is a neutral expression in Minnesota. We get suspicious if someone ISN'T smiling. Good ol' Minnesota Nice!


So I guess we can all breathe a sigh of relief if we smiled for the camera and said cheese when we got our license renewed. They are perfectly fine and legal in Minnesota. And if you haven't seen the new Minnesota Drivers License design yet, you can check it out here! Also if you have a bad license pic, we want to see it! Send it to us on our mobile app! (Just the pic please, not your address!)

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