Traditions I remember about Halloween: 

Trick or Treating

Dressing up in some sort of costume (even as an adult)

Halloween Parties

Going to haunted attractions (there are so many around the area)

Watching scary movies

Carving pumpkins

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Notice what is not on the list?  Sending or receiving any sort of Halloween card.  When did this become a thing?  If people want to send them, that's fine.  It's probably nothing that would be turned away, but is it weird?  I feel like the normal card-giving holidays are Christmas/or some derivative of the holiday, whatever you celebrate, birthdays for sure, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, Valentines Day (I guess), and now... Halloween?  Thanksgiving could be on that list too.  When did that become a thing?

Either way, I guess sending or receiving a card for whatever reason is always kind of nice.  But is it that popular to have an entire section of Halloween cards?  Do that many people participate in that ritual?

Invented by the card companies?  And I also feel some guilt when walking past the card stand and not purchasing one.  Obviously, that's my deal, but do others feel like that?

New traditions all around.  If you want to buy and send a Halloween card, have at it.  It still seems odd to me.


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