Everyone is always talking about the latest and greatest new oven creations right? Right now, all I ever hear anyone talk about are the Crockpots that are super fast, and the new air fryers, which help you create healthier food that tastes like you fried it but you didn't.  I just want to know...does ANYONE have one of these?

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Photo by Kelly Cordes

This is my NuWave oven. Granted; it's not NEW anymore. I've had it for probably 4-5 years. I was using it alot when I first got it, because you can bake fish, chicken, veggies, pizza's...pretty much anything you want, without having to wait for your oven to preheat. For big items, it takes less time. For smaller items, like this little cheese pizza, it took about 10 minutes. I'm not sure that I saved a whole lot of time.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

The little pizza was awesome. I decided to fix some frozen Okra and I chopped up an onion, through both of the veggies in a little salt mixture, and then baked them at the same time. It took about 20 minutes until everything was ready.

I guess it was....okay? I mean, I didn't have to use my oven, so maybe it will save me on my electric bill; but the clean up is the same, and I'm not sure that I don't like my food better in the oven.

Does anyone else have one of these?



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