This is a question that has been milling around in my mind for awhile now. Are we supposed to wear masks in a drive-thru?

Some people say this is a no brainer...of course you should wear one. Others are 6 feet apart, and so it's not necessary to wear your mask when you are picking up your drive thru order.

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I have mixed feelings on this. I always wear a mask going into businesses, and it's been hit or miss when I'm in a drive thru. I think mostly because once I get to my car, I take my mask off so I can breath better. If I go through a drive-thru, I'm talking to a speaker with a menu in front of me, and then I drive up to the window; and in that process, rather than reaching for my mask before I get to the next window, I'm still in the habit of driving forward, stopping my car, reaching for my purse and getting my funds ready to pay once I get to the window.

Sometimes, I get everything ready and have time to kill before I arrive at the drive-thru window; so if I have extra time, and I think about it, I'll throw on my mask. But not always.

The question is: Is it a requirement? You are outside... You are practicing social distancing already... I know "the reach" for food puts a person within less than a 6 foot range, but usually the Attendants are masked and behind glass handing your food to you.

So far, for the people that I've asked, it's right now in the middle. 50/50. Some people wear them, some don't. But it doesn't seem to offend most people if you do not.

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