That IS the question. I often think it's my fault. Perhaps I forgot to turn up the volume on my phone before I go to bed. Perhaps I forgot to plug it in, and the battery died overnight. Maybe I forgot to set it altogether?

I'm not saying that ALL of these things HAVEN'T happened in the past. They all have happened to me, and I feel like I've learned from my own errors. However, I think in between my human errors, my cell phone makes errors too!

Lately, I've been making sure to spend extra time setting my alarm, as it hasn't made a sound when it's gone off this week...NOT A PEEP. However, the phone alarm is working...I just can't hear it. If I happen to wake up and LOOK at my phone.. I can see that I have the option to either hit Snooze, or Alarm.  Even though it's not making any sounds, I'll still hit snooze...hoping that I'll magically wake up again.


There just might be another step I haven't tried. Here's the best advice I've received so far.

  • Go into SETTINGS: Go to Sounds. Go to Ringers and Alerts. The phone clearly states: The volume of the ringer and alerts will not be affected bby the volume buttons.
  • Use the provided Apple sounds, rather than choosing your own music or sound.
  • Turn your bluetooth off. Your alarm is probably going off in your car or your headphones..wherever they are.
  • Close all other functions.
  • Close other open pages before you go to bed.
  • Make sure you volume buttons are on.
  • Make sure you have your alarm set for each day.
  • Have a back up alarm clock...and have a back up to your back up.
  • Get a Rooster.


Do You Trust your cell phone as an alarm clock?


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