I've got to say that when I was told to head over to YouTube and type in Superman vs. Darth Vader I was thinking I was going to see some mash-up of two movies, maybe even a cartoon mashup of the two fictional entities battling it out. No, that was not the case. I was instead taken back in a time machine to my time at St. Cloud State University, back to 2006 when Dairy Queen was on the corner of Division and 25th Ave South. Back when a man known as St Cloud Superman would just stand on the corner all day long until he was joined by Darth Vader.

The video, published on YouTube some 15 years ago, starts off with a black screen and a person narrating what is about to happen. Once the video starts to play you see St. Cloud Superman, standing along Division with an American flag flapping in the breeze nearby.

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Not too long after you see Superman standing there, he is joined by universal bad guy Darth Vader. Darth had been instructed to not speak to Superman for any reason.

Supe's didn't seem to appreciate that, as the whole time he looks like he is NOT happy someone was taking his corner and getting the attention. At about the 4:20-ish mark of the video, Darth springs into action taking the American flag, and runs off with it.

Superman, known in comic books for his speed and ability to stop criminals, takes a moment to realize what's happened and ambles after Darth Vader. St. Cloud's Superman made it to the corner and gave up the chase as Darth seemed to be long gone.

What happened to the flag and Darth? Well that my friends are the stuff of legends. Some legends simply never die, and to me, it's Darth Vader.

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