Did you know that a movie was filmed in Big Lake Minnesota? There were some pretty impressive actors involved including Tom Berenger, who received an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Staff Sargent Bob James in the movie Platoon from 1986.

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Back in March of 2018, the Movie Wunderland was released. The team for Wunderland came to Big Lake, Minnesota to film, I believe, in 2016. They were filming for "The Battle of the Bulge." The filming took place in woodlands off of Eagle Lake, a few miles north of Big lake.

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According to a post on Facebook, people from around the area were invited to be in the movie, some being paid $50 a day and some receiving no compensation, but the ability to act with Tom Berenger seemed like payment enough.

It's interesting reading what was provided for the extras. Pizza for lunch, and some snacks. If you had allergies or a special diet, you were encouraged to bring your own lunch.


As far as the review of the film, they weren't that great. As exciting as it might have been to be in a film with an academy award-winning actor, this movie may have turned into more of a drinking game movie than one that people took seriously. There were a few reviews that said they liked the filming of the scenes as it was more realistic to what real soldiers go through in the field, whereas the major productions have things more choreographed. Apparently, the special effects were lackluster, but hey; small-budget films gotta do what they gotta do.

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