Can you not help yourself when it comes to taking selfies? Does it annoy friends/coworkers/complete strangers? Do you keep buying bigger memory cards because you keep filling up your phone with pictures of yourself?

You may have 'Selfitis'.

Apparently, it's a real thing.


Scientists at Nottingham Trent University as well as Thiagarajar School of Management researched the selfie phenomenon and concluded that people who take selfies at least three times a day -- but do NOT post them to media -- have 'borderline selfitis.'

Do you take that same amount of selfies but go right ahead and post them to social media? Congrats, you have 'acute selfitis'!

If you take and post 6+ selfies per day, you have 'chronic selfitis.'

Psychologists even believe selfitis is a genuine mental disorder.

And your parents worried that you'd never accomplish anything!

WARNING: May cause permanent duck face (Getty Images)

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