Like a lot of other people, I tend to drink bottled water. However, when it comes to cooking or even making coffee I take it right out of the kitchen tap. That is, I did until I read about this.

The tap water database has been updated and you can find out exactly what's in the water you use every day.

One would just assume that if we are supplied with fresh tap water that it must be free of any contaminates, right? It turns out that just because the water running out of your tap meets the EPA standards, that doesn't necessarily mean it's contaminate-free.

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According to FOX 9, tap water you may be taken for granted could contain a surprisingly large amount of contaminates. I checked out St Cloud tap water contaminants and I think from now on I'll be buying a lot more bottled water.

Even though St Cloud's tap water is in compliance with EPA standards it actually contains a total of 17 contaminants. Nine of those contaminants exceed Minnesota Department of Health-Environmental Health Division standards.


Environmental Work Group
Environmental Work Group

"What we take for granted is that just because our water meets federal legal standards, is that it is completely safe, and we don't have to think about it," said Dr. Tasha Stoiber, a senior scientist with the EWG. "But there could be a lot of contaminants in your drinking water that we are absolutely concerned about, and we are concerned about health impacts for those contaminants."

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Database, all in all, Minnesota tap water contains 97 contaminates.

To check out what's in the tap water where you live in Minnesota, you can go to

Bottled water, anyone?

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