If you've seen these around St. Cloud, and understand what they mean, good for you. Some would think it's a parking spot for true Vikings fans.

I recently saw this at Texas Roadhouse in Waite Park. If I hadn't known before hand what the spot was 'purple' for, I'd probably have thought it had something to do with the Vikings...since it's purple and gold color.

It's actually reserved parking for only combat wounded veterans! It was started by the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization, and is nation-wide at any participating store who wishes to make one of their front parking spots reserved specifically for our veterans.

This sign is always above these parking spots
This sign is always above these parking spots

Do me a favor if you see a veteran getting into or out of their car in this spot. Offer to help them however they could use it, or at least thank them for their service. Minnesota is proud of our veterans, and they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation.

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