Ashli's fiancé Dave coaches a Little League team. She was attending a game the other night and was horrified as it came to an end -- when a mom kissed her son on the lips as he was coming off the field. "OMG," says Ashli, "That's so creepy!" What? I disagree, I think it's endearing. (Don't get any ideas Mom!) What do you think?


Is it ok for parents of babies and little kids? What about teenagers, or grown adult parents & children? Is it different in the home versus in public? Is it always right, or always wrong?


Ashli is just plain creeped out by it. Even though I don't want to smooch my mom or dad, I don't really see anything wrong with it if that's how others want to roll -- but let me be clear, I'm talking about a 'quick peck' and nothing more. :)

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