A few days ago I asked the question that I was sure was going to be only a guy thing...bring leftover turkey sandwiches to work. Here's the surprising results!

My first thought was that it could be a "Minnesota" thing, where only men bring these delicious creations of leftovers between 2 slices of bread. I've only lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and haven't ever witnessed a female do this, so I had to ask. The results are quite surprising, and was quite a topic to ask.

Are you a female that brings leftover turkey sandwiches to work?

72% - Yes, love them!
28% - No, it's a guy thing.

I've been proven wrong I guess! I wonder if these ladies are sneaking a sammich in over their lunch hour under their desk, being subtle to not show the gravy and mayo mixture dripping down the side of their mouth as the delightful "dinner in bread" relives wonderful memories of recent days past?

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