The controversy surrounding the holiday classic, 'Baby It's Cold Outside,' isn't going away. Some radio stations have banned it, some listeners want their song back. Do you find the tune offensive?

One camp claims the song is about flirtation and romance. The other side feels the song promotes date rape. The line that seems to cause the most problems is, "Say, what's in this drink?"

Although the song was written in the 40s, in a completely different time; those supporting its ban say that when you look at the lyrics during today's #MeToo era, they come across as manipulative and in appropriate.


People are very passionate about their Christmas music, and while some radio stations in the U.S. have pulled the song -- many have faced a strong backlash from listeners that want it back.

Thank goodness Frank Loesser wrote this classic holiday tune back in 1944 for the movie Neptune's Daughter. It gives us all something else to disagree about.

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