The Becker County Sheriff's Office has finished putting together the statistics for the 2023 We Fest event in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. In the press release, it states that the dispatch center fielded 239 calls for service that were related to the We Fest music event.

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Overall, considering the size of the event, the complaint list was fairly small.  A record-breaking amount of people, (around 40,000 individuals) attended this year's big event.

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The most and probably expected calls were the accidental butt calls to 911 that were 'assumed' hang-ups.  Just a reminder- If you notice that you have accidentally 'butt-dialed' 911, they ask that you don't hang up, but instead, tell them that you dialed by accident. Being at a music festival, most people probably had no idea that this happened, and probably wouldn't have been able to hear anyone on the phone, but for future reference, remember to let 911 operators know that everything is okay.

Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Not surprisingly, the next biggest issue on the list was minors drinking.



Here's a breakdown of the calls.

  • 97 Minor Consumption
  • 31 Medical
  • 13 Disorderly Conduct
  • 13 Assaults
  • 10 Lost & Found/Property
  • 10 Assists
  • 6 Motor Vehicle Crashes
  • 5 Sexual Conduct
  • 5 Traffic Complaints
  • 4 Thefts
  • 3 Disturbances
  • 3 Lost or Missing persons
  • 3 Trespassing
  • 3 Suspicious Activity
  • 2 Info Only
  • 2 Parking Complaints
  • 2 Noise Complaints
  • 2 Attempts to Locate
  • 2 Officer Detail
  • 1 Alarm
  • 1 Civic Complaint
  • 1 Vehicle Lockout
  • 1 Crimes Against the Family
  • 1 Fire
  • 1 Property Damage
  • 1 Warrant Arrest
  • 1 Welfare Check
  • 1 Suicide-related call
  • 1 CFS opened in error
  • There were approximately four 911 hang-ups happening every half hour during the festival

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