Maybe the Minnesota Vikings didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, but Minnesota was represented in a groovy way.

If you watched the half-time show, you may have been as impressed as I was but the Roller Skating bit that Usher performed in the middle of the show! It was pretty incredible that he and other performers as well as professional skaters/dancers all came out and put on one incredible dance routine while on roller skates.

Maybe you didn't think about where those roller skates came from; but would you be impressed if you knew they were from a company right here in Minnesota? THEY ARE!  :-)

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
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According to a story on, Usher's team reached out to the roller skate masters Riedell Skates and asked them if they wanted to work on a project. The head of the company and a few key employees have known about the project since October, and of course, had to keep it a secret until after the SuperBowl.  The team had just three months to handcraft the skates for the show.



In 1945, Paul Riedell and his wife Sophie founded Riedell Skates in 1945.   According to their website, their sole combined goal was to create the best skates anywhere. They have done just that. Generation after Generation has stayed in the business creating their hand-crafted skating boots in Red Wing, Minnesota. Those who skate know that Riedell has a reputation for having the best skates in the world that have an exceptional fit and comfort that skaters appreciate.

A member of both the Ice and Roller Skating Halls of Fame, Paul wanted to make skating available to people of all ages and abilities – not just professionals. His company created comfortable and affordable skates with the same attention to detail and quality found in every skate; so if you want to pay for a more professional skate, or a quality affordable skate, the options are there for everyone to enjoy.

According to their website, the Riedells also committed to making sure ice and roller rinks across the nation were stocked with their high-quality rental skates, and it’s a legacy they have continued to this day.

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