Ask anyone who knows me well -- I am not the most organized person you'll ever meet. While my work area is not filthy by any means, it is in a bit of disarray.  I prefer to call it organized chaos -- I can find everything I need, but good luck to everyone else.

I'm not one of those people that has to have everything sparkling clean and in it's place. I think having a little mess here and there makes your home lived in or your office worked in. However there is definitely a fine line between a little mess and outright nastiness.

Reveal took a survey on the most annoying and disgusting habits people in your home have.  Some of the things on the list include forgetting to take the trash out, not wiping up a spill and a dirty bathroom.

Of those three, I would have to say the dirty bathroom freaks me out the most, but the thing I find most disgusting is dirty dishes in the sink.  I mean, seriously, you eat and drink off them.  Why would you let them sit for days?  Disgusting!

What is the messy habit that annoys you the most?