If you recently purchased "TNT Red, White, and Blue" fireworks, DON'T LIGHT THEM!

They've been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

The fireworks can explode unexpectedly after being lit, posing burn and injury hazards to consumers.

That's bad.

If you or someone you know purchased them (they were for sale in Illinois, Ohio, Vermont, and Wisconsin) then pack them away and email info@TNTfireworks.com for a full refund. Be safe!

Some other fireworks safety tips while you're here:

1. Don't let kids handle fireworks

2. If it's illegal, it's probably illegal for a good reason

3. Fill a big bucket or three with water and keep it handy

4. If a firework doesn't snap, crackle, or boom, don't pick it up or try to re-light it!

5. Don't be an idiot

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