It is amazing to me how quickly our Minnesota roads can turn into an amazing mess. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just thinking, whoever comes up with an indestructible material is going to make a lot of money.

It feels a little early to be complaining about potholes, but if they are this bad already, what are we going to do by the time spring rolls around?

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I went to the City of Saint Clouds website to find out what they do about pothole patching. The website says that the city of Saint Cloud patches potholes yearround. They have a special type of filler called "Winter Mix" that they use during these cold winter months, which is a softer and stickier asphalt that can be compacted into potholes even in freezing temperatures.

In the summer, the city of Saint Cloud switches to a "Hot Mix" asphalt. Normally, the "Hot Mix" is not available until May sometime.


Depending on where the potholes are located, will determine who you need to call to inform authorities of dangerous potholes on your route.

Potholes on state highways must be reported to MNDOT. You can contact MNDOT by calling 320.223.6500.   This would include potholes that you find on the following highways:

  • Highway 10
  • Highway 23
  • Highway 15
  • I-94
  • If you find a dangerous pothole in the city of Saint Cloud, you can report it by calling 320.650.2900 between the business hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  The city asks that when you call to report a pothole be prepared with the following information:
  • Name of street or avenue the pothole is located on.
  • AND...the house number or cross street nearest the pothole.


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