Most girls love shoes. Some have more shoes than they have pieces of clothing. But this story isn't about having lots of shoes. It's not even about the KIND of shoes you wear. It's about where you LEAVE your shoes.


It's always been my pet peeve, even if I'm being hypocritical; At my house, my kids should not leave their shoes right in front of the door when they get home. Especially now, since we have our new home. There's no excuse for a messy doorway anymore!

One of the best features of my new home, is the nice big closet by the entryway. Easy to open. Easy to hang up your coat. We even have places to put your gloves, umbrellas, hats, and hooks for keys, purses, backpacks and mail. Yes! This is the complete set up.

I thought we would use this space efficiently; because it's almost WORK to do it any other way. Even though we are not COMPLETELY moved in, with lots of boxes of things to put away still stored in the garage, I really thought we would respect our new space.


But I was wrong. Shoes, boxes, coats. Nothing makes it into the closet. It's scattered everywhere around the house. Just like always. The excuses of just not having enough room must have been just that. Excuses. Because now that we have the perfect layout, we still do the same thing. The closet sits empty. They entryway is covered in shoes scattered about; making it impossible to easily walk into the house. Do we use the key hangers? No. We carry our keys to various locations throughout the house and leave them where they can easily get lost.

The shoe thing though; bothers me more than anything. My kids are grown. It's SO EASY to put your shoes away. Why can't they do that. They don't even have to bend down. Just open the closet door, and put your foot inside and drop a shoe! Just drop it off of your foot and shut the door! Why? Why? Why?  I absolutely HATE tripping over shoes every time I walk in the house. It ruins my whole evening.


How would you fix this problem? My boyfriend Randy has the same problem at his house. No matter the hooks or planned and organized place to put shoes. People have to have a big foot mess in front of the door. When he gets fed up, he tosses all the kids shoes in the garage.  I don't know what my kids would do if I threw their shoes in the garage.

I think I'm going to smile, and have a group meeting in front of the door. To show them HOW to do it. THEN; if it continues...I'll toss them out in the yard. The garage is too easy. They won't get ruined there. They need to experience wet, icky shoes. I DON'T have to buy new ones.  Do I?!

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