David Nail has released an acoustic version of his song 'the Secret,' along with a new music video.

The tune comes off of Nail's most recent album, 'I'm A Fire.' Nail says that he's received a lot of positive feedback about the track, despite the fact that he was nervous about including it on the record.

"It seems that a lot of people have been drawn to that song," he tells Billboard. "It's probably the one that we were the least confident about making the record. It's a song that is probably five or six years old. It was definitely a song that we could have recorded for the second record. I'm pretty sure we never even entertained that. When it came time to record this record, it was just one of those that the A&R staff was aware of, and they always brought it up."

The song's history goes back much longer than the years it sat unrecorded. Nail wrote the song based on his experiences losing a friend when he was younger.

"It's funny because the very first part of the song is an idea I wanted to write about for a long time," he tells Rolling Stone Country. "I had lost a classmate in my freshman year of college that I had grown up with and graduated high school with. At 18 years old, you're not prepared to deal with something that tragic, with someone your own age.

"At some point during the writing, it took a hard right turn and went someplace I had no intention of the song going," Nail adds. "And thus 'the Secret' was born."

Nail's first single off of 'I'm A Fire,' 'Whatever She's Got,' went to No. 1, and 'Kiss You Tonight' is currently making a splash on radio, but he didn't expect fans to latch on to 'the Secret' like they did.

"I'm so proud of this record, and it's come at such an important part of my life," he says. "I just turned 35, and as much as I am not anywhere close to a new artist, I feel like I have a new lease on life."

Nail is preparing to head out on his first headlining tour starting on Sept. 11 in Oxford, Miss.

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