David Nail is still getting the hang of being a father to 6-month old twins. In a recent interview, the new dad shares that he's still having a hard time getting his mind wrapped around being a father.

“Everybody is in your ear telling you advice and this is what you need to do and this is how you should raise them and this is where they should go to school and this is the kind of diapers you need,” he tells Sounds Like Nashville. “You’re just completely overwhelmed.”

While running errands a few months back, he ran into Dierks Bentley, who shared some helpful parenting advice. It was right before a winter storm, and Nail recalls the stressful scene at a local grocery store.

“Everybody’s reaching over everybody, practically pulling chicken out of other people’s plates. I was just a man on a mission. I heard somebody say, ‘Mr. Nail.’ I remember just being in a trance and looking up and it was Dierks,” Nail says. “Dierks is so cool and he’s like, ‘It gets better…like four months.’”

So what exactly was that advice? Nail actually forgot by the time he made it out to his car.

“I got in my car and I drove down the road about half a mile and I called Catherine. I was like, ‘Hey, will you call Cassidy [Bentley’s wife] and tell her to tell Dierks that I absolutely remember zero from our conversation just now because my head was in so many different places and I probably look like the biggest dork in the history of the world,’” he confesses.

Now that he's past that four month mark, hopefully things are running more smoothly for Nail.

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