If you've been to any of the 2 St. Cloud area Culver's recently, you may have quickly noticed a major menu item that vanished out of thin air. Where's the...

Chicken! They've taken their world-famous fried chicken off the menu!

I go there like clockwork for lunch, most every Tuesday, and today I had nothing but their fried chicken on my mind. The menu looked different, and there was no trace of the fried chicken on it anymore. Sure, there's the chicken tenders and chicken sandwich, but not the "king of perfect fried chicken". Sadly I was told that Culver's has removed that menu item at all locations.

I searched the Facebook page for something that officially announced this and couldn't find anything other than some customer comments:

How could you do this to me Culvers? If enough of us complain about it, will you put it back on the menu? Yes, your butter burgers are amazing, but sometimes your fried chicken hit the spot.

fried chicken

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