Over the weekend, my mom and I took a much need girls trip to Duluth where we took in the colors and enjoyed many of the state parks. It reminded me so much of Colorado that I have set my sights on living there at one point.

Our resort was right across from where Bentleyville's light display is every year. While we were there crews were working hard to get the display up and ready for November and December.

Bentleyville Light Display Duluth MN
Building Bentleyville Light Display in Duluth.

The Bentleyville website says that this a year-long project that takes lots of planning. Board members work all year to get donations and sponsors so the event can be free for families.

While I was walking around the park, I saw they had a few of the tunnel structure set up and were working on setting up some of the shacks. It was raining pretty bad, so they were doing the best they could.

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Bentleyville Light Display Duluth MN
Setting Up Bentleyville Light Display in Duluth, MN

The goal of the project is to get as many of the lights set up before it snows and before the end of November start date. Teams work to get them over 5-million lights up and tested before opening America's largest walkthrough light display to the public, according to the website.

As always, they will have free hot chocolate, cookies, coffee, popcorn and more for you and your family to enjoy. Just from what they have done, it looks like a great time. I might even have to make a trip with my family!

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