I recently read an article that said our Firefly population is dwindling! What?! This can't happen! The magical bug of our childhood? How many did you catch while sitting outside as a child? Your parents getting you used to the dark not being scary. Teaching you patience; and what magical events can happen... if you just...wait.


Fireflies. Aren't they wonderful? Well...maybe not during the day..but at night, when you don't know what you're reaching out to grab and stick in a mason jar.  Truly..they are amazing; and there's nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere catching fireflies on a clear, dark, still evening.


Want to see some fireflies? Here are a few tips to create the right environment for our glowbutt friends:

  • Fireflies love standing water: create a firefly garden, complete with long grass in one part of your yard. Fireflies love living near marshes, streams, ponds and at the edge of fields and wooded areas.
  • Fireflies love long grass: Fireflies are nocturnal, and they climb to the top of long blades of grass to send out their mating signals. So make sure you have some grass around this area of your yard that you DON'T mow.
  • Rotting Wood : They love rotting wood. So if you can find some rotting wood to put in your firefly haven, you just might see a big comeback.

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