A friend of mine posted this one Facebook, so I took a look and...huh.


Many (most?) of us have played The Oregon Trail computer game. They even have a card game version now. Have you even wondered what it would've been like to have traversed the Oregon Trail, braving rivers and dysentery? How quickly did you snap back to reality and give thanks for indoor plumbing and modern medicine?

Glamping took off a few years ago. If you're not in-the-know, glamping is 'glamorous camping'. It's far from 'roughing it'. A new Thing is RV resorts that offer covered wagon camping.

Cowamping? Covwaging? I'll wait until someone else gives it a cute nickname.

Covered wagon camping is the Oregon Trail version of glamping. You literally spend the night in a covered wagon...except it's dysentery-free and you won't have to go hunting, shoot a buffalo, and somehow only be able to bring back 100 pounds of meat did these people never hear of going-back-for-more?!

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