I'm constantly searching for a great place to spend the weekend on a lake -- and thanks to this unique spot via Airbnb, you can glamp in a private covered wagon on Rose Lake in Otter Tail County.

Located near Vergas, Minnesota, Rose Lake Glamping offers a unique way to escape your routine for a one-of-a-kind getaway.

Each of their two conestoga covered wagons sleeps four guests, and you can rent one or both based on availability on the north shore of Rose Lake.

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The wagons include their own grill, outdoor table, fire pit, and bathroom. There's also a separate game & laundry room and kitchenette that would be shared if other wagon is rented by another party. There's a dock with a swimming area -- and you can rent a pontoon too.

Bucket List Minnesota Glamping in a Lakeside Covered Wagon

At $150 a night per wagon, it's pretty budget friendly for a very unique experience. You can learn more about booking a wagon HERE.

The website GlampingHub.com has listings for over 200 uniquely Minnesota glamping opportunities, featuring everything from cabins, yurts, renovated barns, luxury tents, private islands, tree houses, and more.

When I think about heading out into the great outdoors, I naturally default to summer accommodations -- but looking at all of these cool glamping options, many with wood stoves and heat, a winter getaway could be cozy, unique, and just as memorable as anything in the summer.

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